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Precious plateau species in eyes of infrared cameras

2020-05-29 11:33:00China Tibet Online

In August 2018, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau snow leopard guardian operation initiated by the Shanshui Nature Conservation Center came to Dengqen County in Chamdo City, east Tibet, China.

The largest continuous snow leopard habitat in China lies in southeastern Tibet and Zadoi County in Qinghai province. This is the first time the snow leopard protection team enters southeastern Tibet.

In order to gain a basic understanding of the biodiversity resources of Dengqen County, the team plans to carry out research on the ecological system with snow leopards as the flagship species in next three years, surveying an estimated area of more than 3,000 square kilometers and deploying 120 infrared cameras.

"The purpose is to do basic surveys on the snow leopard population," Genggar Yiyan, a person involved with the survey project, told reporters. "There are currently 30 infrared cameras being used in the field."

Infrared cameras are placed in the wild, and researchers collect them at regular intervals to get first-hand photographic data. Reporters learned that the team has already recovered the camera once and received more than 2,000 valid photographs.

"From the current data that we have collected, we can see that the population of wild animals is very abundant. The camera took images of snow leopards, blue sheep, steppe cats, brown bears, white-lipped deer, and red foxes," Genggar Yiyan said.

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